Riverside Elementary School

Riverside Elementary School
58 Riverside Drive
Princeton, NJ 08540

Phone: 609-806-4260
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Principal Mark Shelley

About Riverside Elementary School

The Riverside community extends a warm welcome to all visitors! We are proud of our effort, which continues to nourish teaching and learning. One of Riverside's goals is to create a stimulating and supportive environment in which students feel secure to take risks as they meet academic challenges. We enthusiastically encourage parents to work with us. We work hard to construct meaningful learning opportunities that require active and thoughtful student engagement. Riverside also welcomes input from our global partners in education. Talk with us. Please call, fax, and e-mail us should you have questions about any part of our school experience. We are delighted that you can contribute to this fabulous community.

For our school community to meaningfully address the academic and social needs of students we must unite the major forces of learning such that parents, students, and teachers are working together toward a common goal of success for all students. We continue to focus on the individual student through the collaboration of teacher, student, and parent/guardian. By including parents and students in decision-making, we encourage shared responsibility for each child's success and raised expectations for academic performance. We continue to expand our efforts to reach out to every family.

We strive to cooperatively construct each student's school experience in recognition of the fact that real learning considers the whole person. Issues of student self-esteem, personal confidence, academic growth, and social development are integral to the development of the child and must be thoughtfully considered. We recognize the need to explore every opportunity to expand the integration of diverse cultures in our programs and curriculum and to find ways of increasing student and parent participation in all school activities.

Academic challenge and success for all is a central mission of the school. Instructional staff continues to create learning opportunities that integrate curriculum with factual, problem-solving and generative thinking. Thematic and whole-to-part teaching, combined with cooperative learning, computer/Internet problem solving, and personalized instruction have established meaningful highways of learning. Skillfully designed programs in the Resource Center, English-as-a-Second Language, and programs for students with Autism help serve the needs of our diverse population. Student projects using a variety of on-line services and other educational technologies help our pupils develop new skills while opening doors to the world.
The Riverside family proudly joins together in celebrating student success. The warm and positive atmosphere that characterizes our school is a tribute to all its partners and is built on the strengths of each member of the school learning community. We eagerly welcome challenges that offer greater opportunity for student happiness and well being.


Riverside School is dedicated to the academic and social success of all students. One of our most important goals is to create a stimulating and supportive environment in which our students feel secure to take risk as they meet academic challenges.  

Fast Facts

RS Curriculum Enhancements:  English as a Second Language, Autism Program, Accelerated Intervention Services, Child Study Team Enrichment Programs: Kids Broadcasting Company, Lego Engineering Robotics, Outdoor Living Laboratory, Environmental Studies: "Healthy Children, Healthy Planet"

After-School Clubs: Art, Music, Theatre, Science, Geography, Garden

Special Programs: Hands-on Science Labs for Students, Edible Gardens, Herb Gardens, Artist-in-Residence Programs Student Enrollment 274 Student/Faculty Ratio 9:1